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Filtering the analytics data

The Analytics page displays detailed information about various aspects of the conversation of Bot with the user. To make it easy to get the required information quickly, the Analytics page provides the filtering option.

On the Analytics page, you can filter the analytics information according to the date range and the channels of the selected Bot. 

The Analytics page updates the page as you select the filtering criteria.

  1. On the Analytics page, click the Filter field at the top of the page.

    The fields appear to select the appropriate filter criteria.

  2. Click the Bot Channel drop-down list and select the Bot for which you want to filter the analytics information.
  3. Click the Date range drop-down list and select the required date range.
    For example, Today, This Month, This Week, In 15 Days, In 90 Days.
    The From and To date fields are automatically filled according to the current day.
  4. (Optional) Click the From and To fields and specify your custom date range.
    If you set your custom date range, the Date range field removes the selected date range option and updates to the option Select.
  5. Click the Exclude Deleted Channels check box to remove the delete channels from the filter result.
  6. Click the Apply filters button to display the analytics for the matching criteria.

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