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About Templates

In nativeMsg, when you create a Bot, you can add different interactions with various actions and connect these interactions to make logical conversations flow for Bots with actual users.

The nativeMsg application supports creating simple interactions with one or more actions or multiple interactions each with different types of actions. These actions are based on the actual conversation that you want the Bots to do with human users.

When you build a complex conversation flow with multiple interactions and actions and you want to use the same flow for other Bots, it would be a time-consuming activity to configure the same interactions again. The nativeMsg application provides the Template option to save the interactions and their flow. Later you can apply the template to another Bot. All the saved interactions and their flow are added to the Bot.

After applying the template to the Bot, you can make changes in the interactions, actions, and flow and again save those changes as another Template.

By default, the nativeMsg application provides a few templates that you can use for your Bots. 

For more information about managing templates, see Managing Templates.

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