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About conversations

In NativeMsg, conversations are the communication of an agent or a Bot with different users. The conversations page displays different panels to show detailed information about conversations with users.

User names panel

The Conversations page displays the User names panel to list all users who had a conversation with a Bot or an agent.

For each user, you can view the user profile photo, the user name, phone number, the date and time of conversation, and especially the icon of the channel that users have used for the conversation.

Message trail panel

In the User names panel, when you click any user, the Message trail panel displays the entire trail of the messages that the users had with the company agent. 

The company agent could be a Bot or a human agent.

The conversation can include text messages, file attachments, and also the quick replies.

Users information panel

On the Conversations page, a separate panel is provided to view the detailed information of a user. Along with the user information, a button is provided to disable or enable the Bot for the user.

When the Bot is enabled, the Bot can handle the initial conversation with the users. The agent will be the last option for the user to connect. In case if the Bot is disabled, the conversation only happens with an agent.

Below the user information, you can view drop-down lists for different features, settings, attributes, and channels applicable to the user.

You can click each drop-down list to view the details.

RCS List of Features

Displays the features available for the users using RCS enabled devices.

Facebook Settings


Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are the data points about humans who were assigned or created during the Bot process.  These attributes are tied to the Assign Attribute action or waitFor action.

In the waitFor action, the custom attribute is the name-value pair that is assigned. It is like the variable space for the human.

Communicating Channels

Displays all communicating channels with a green color icon for the channel used for the conversation.

Subscribed Channels

The channels that the user has subscribed to. The panel provides a button to subscribe or unsubscribe from the channel.


The Tags panel displays the tags added for the conversation. You can also get options to manage the tags.


In the panel, you can add the tags for the user. Either click on the existing tags to add them or add your own tags. 

In the Tag name field, enter the tag name and press Enter or click the Create and assign tag button.

Click the Delete tags button to delete existing tags or your custom tags.

Click the bin icon for the tags that you want to delete. Click the cross icon on the tag to delete your own tags added to the panel.

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