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Managing tags for humans

On the Humans page, you can add, edit, and delete tags for a selected human. Tags can help you mark humans with specific keywords that help you find them easily.

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Humans to navigate to the Humans page.
  2. In the humans list, select the check box for the human for whom you want to manage the tags.
    The menu button becomes visible at the top right side of the page.

    The Tags for selected humans panel appears.

  3. Create a new tag.
    1. In the Create new tag field, enter the tag name and click the Create and assign tagbutton.
      Note: The Create and assign tag button is enabled only when you enter the tag name.
      The specified tag name is created and also added in the tags list below.
  4. Assign or unassign tags to the human.
    1. In the tags list below, you can assign existing tags, unassign already assigned tags, or delete the tags.
  5. Delete the tags.
    1. At the bottom of the panel, click the Delete tags button.
    2. Click the recycle bin icon () for the tag that you want to delete.
    3. After adding, editing, and deleting the tags, close the Tags for the list panel.
      1. Click the cross icon () of the Tags for selected humans panel.

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