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Filtering the humans list

In addition to searching humans, you can also filter humans list based on certain criteria. 

The Search bar provides the Filter option to display the fields where you can specify the filter criteria and also clear the specified filter criteria.

The Filter option provides the following conditions to filter the humans list:

1TagsTags applied to the humans when created.
2ChannelsThe channels associated with the human.
Select the check box to filter the humans who are subscribed to nativeMsg.
4Date RangeThe humans signed up in nativeMsg certain days before the current date. For example, Last 15 days, Last 30 days.
When you select an option in this field, the From and To fields are automatic fills with a date range starting from the current date.
5Date From and To
The humans signed up in nativeMsg between a start date and an end date.
6BotsThe Bots the human has interacted with.
7RCS statusThe current status of RCS. For example, Enabled or Disabled
8DeletedDisplays the deleted humans.
9Clear allOption to clear all selected filter conditions.
10Apply filtersClick the button to apply the selected filter conditions.


Example: Filter humans based on a date range when the human signed up in the nativeMsg.

Note: The From and To date filters works on the human signed up date.

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