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Creating a Bot

Creating a bot in nativeMsg is a process of setting up the bot name, adding channels, adding interactions, and adding actions to the interaction.

The nativeMsg application provides a user interface to create, edit, and manage the Bot interactions. If you prefer to use the JSON editor, nativeMsg provides functionality to configure the interactions through JSON code.

For more information, see Managing Interactions and Bot configuration JSON editor.

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Bots.
  2. At the bottom of the Bots page, click the Create New Bot button.

  3. Enter the unique name of your Bot and click Create New Bot.

    The bot is created with bot canvas open for adding interactions and channels.

  4. Add channels to the bot.
    You can add one or more channels to the bot. For more information, see Adding channels.
    1. At the top right side of the page, click the Add Channel icon.
      The list of channels appears.

    2. Click the required channel.
    3. Add appropriate details to the selected channel.

  5. Add interactions to the bot.
    For more information, see Adding interactions.
    1. In the bot canvas, click the Add Interaction icon.
      The interaction button is added to the bot canvas.

    2. Click the interaction button to view the list of actions that you can add to your interaction.

    3. Click the required action icon and configure the corresponding details.
      For more information, see Actions in an Interaction.

  6. Publish the Bot.
    For more information, seeĀ Publishing a bot.

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