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Bot configuration JSON editor

The Bots Interface includes an interactive JSON editor to edit the Bot configuration in detail. In the JSON editor, you can edit the configuration of all interactions added to the Bot.

In the JSON editor, you can add, change, duplicate, move & remove fields of different types.

The following table describes the JSON editor options:


The JSON code editor window to change the attribute values. Click the following icons to perform different operations:

  • & : Click the icons to expand and collapse the sections and subsections. Each section and subsection displays the total number of fields available.

  • : Click the icon to open the action menu and add the required attribute to the configuration.

  • : Click and drag to move the fields Up or Down in the hierarchy.
2The breadcrumb showing the navigation hierarchy of an attribute.

The toolbar to perform various operations on the attributes in the window.

  • : Expand all fields in the configuration.

  • : Collapse all fields in the configuration.

  • : Sort the fields in ascending and descending order.

  • : Filter, sort, or transform the configuration content.

  • & : Undo and redo the last action.

  • : Switch the editor mode to code, text, tree, and view.
4Search text in the entire JSON code. Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the searched text.
5Click the button to save the configuration.

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