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About Bots

A nativeMsg Bot is a set of rules, logic, and messages (Interactions) that processes incoming messages on the connected Channels. This Bot will use these automated rules & responses to interact with a Human active in a connected channel.

The Bots page provides an intuitive interface to create Bots and view all Bots that were already created. On this page, you can find various options to add, edit and delete Bot interactions, edit JSON code, save or use templates, and add channels.

A nativeMsg Bot is a combination of different elements that create the Conversational Media experience. Below is an overview of the elements used to create and define the Bot execution:

  • Interactions - Messages that are exchanged with a Human and grouped together (actions) into a single piece of logic.
  • Actions - One or more instructions inside an Interaction. For example, a group of actions can be logically tied together to mimic entering a form.
  • Intents - An Intent is what the Human is asking the system to do. Example: “Show me the menu.”
  • Conditions - Statements that execute and control the Bot experience based on the comparison.
  • Validations - Statements that are used to validate attributes after the execution of the associated action is done.
  • Sends - A type of Action that sends a Message Object, Email Object, Note Object, or RSS Message Object.
  • Waits - Waits for a message to be received before proceeding.
  • Executes - The name of an existing Interaction or Action to execute.

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