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Bot Settings

Bot settings include the initial setup for the Bot. This includes the greeting message, menus, and the getting started button. 

The nativeMsg application uses these settings for Bots in Facebook Messenger.

The following table describes the options:


The greeting message text for new conversations. You can add personalized tags like user_first_name, user_last_name, user_full_name, etc.

The message is limited to 160 characters.


Configure the persistent menu for the Bot. The menu resides at the footer of Facebook messenger.

You can configure the title of the menu, the menu items, and the menu type for each menu item. You can add multiple menu items or update any existing menu items.

Available menu types are:

  • Interaction
  • Payload
  • Url

Click the Add button to add the menu to the Menu panel.

3The getting started button that appears at the bottom of the Facebook messenger.
The display view of the menu and menu items that you added in the persistent menu.

Click the menu name to edit the details. The menu details are added to the Persistent menu panel. Click the Update button to save the changes to the menu.
Click the button to save the menu settings.

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