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Adding a wait for action

Wait for action is a delay action to wait for the user interaction to the message.

This topic explains the steps to add a wait for the action to an interaction. In this action, you can add a message, quick reply, or file as per your requirement.

  1. In the left navigation page, click Bots to open the Bots page.
  2. Click the interaction to which you want to add the action.
    The interaction panel expands displaying all actions that you can add.

  3. Click the Wait for icon to add the wait for action.
    The wait for action panel opens.

  4. Click the Wait for drop-down list and select the option for which you want to wait for.
    You can add multiple options, like File, Message, Quick Reply, and Quick Replies Multi Selection.
  5. In the Human attribute text field, enter the attribute name where you want to save the awaited data.
  6. In the Execute on error, Select the interaction as a fallback when there is any error in executing the action.

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