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Adding a request action

This topic explains the steps to add a request action to an interaction. To add an action, you can either create a new interaction or use an existing interaction.

  1. In the left navigation page, click Bots to open the Bots page.
  2. Click the interaction to which you want to add the action.
    The interaction panel expands displaying all actions that you can add.

  3. Click the Request icon to add the request action.
    The request action panel opens.

  4. In the Url field, enter the URL that you want to open when the user clicks the button in the request.
  5. Select the Request Type from the given dropdown list.
    For example, GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, OPTIONS, HEAD, etc.
  6. Click the Specify Headers button to add headers to the request.
    You can specify the headers as JSON objects.
    1. Add appropriate headers in the request.
    2. After adding headers, click the Save button.
  7. Click the Test Request button to test the request for the selected request type.
    nativeMsg tests the request and displays the message for successful or unsuccessful execution.
  8. In the Number of Sending Retries field, set the number for retries for sending the request.
  9. Select the Allow tags in HTML response check box to allow HTML tags in the response.
    For example, tag - {humanAttribute}
  10. Click the Choose the way to process a request drop-down list and select an option to synchronously or asynchronously process the request.
  11. Click the Response Handling button.
    The Request response handing dialog box appears with the JSON editor.
    1. Enter the JSON code required for responsive handling.
    2. Click the SAVE button.
  12. In the Response headers attribute field, enter the attribute name where the response headers will be stored.
    Headers will be accessible as {attribute, header}
  13. Click the Fallback dropdown list, and select the interaction that you want as a fallback in case of any error in processing the request .

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